Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why Stucco Inspection Knoxville TN Area Is Important

By Marissa Velazquez

Buildings constructed using stucco materials may suffer from damages due to poor structural installations and other defects within the premises. This material is an excellent finishing for buildings and it is used as in cladding systems. If you have built your home or premises using this material, you will need to consult stucco inspection Knoxville TN technicians to inspect the structure especially the cladding systems and the areas behind the walls.

Although the material can last for long with little maintenance, this is so if only installed correctly. In the past decades, the materials used to make stucco might have failed to meet the required standards for long survival of surfaces. When this problem is coupled with substandard building practices, these could be some of the causes of troubles being experienced in building constructed using this material like water intrusion.

The low maintenance practices make it an ideal material for homeowners who are concerned about maintenance costs. Using stucco offers an elegant exterior finish for your building, and when installed properly, it will last for long. This building material provides a good cladding system as long as any construction defects and damages are restored in time, and the surfaces maintained properly.

For one, the building material is a reservoir system, which will allow water to penetrate. Its permeability means that proper flashing and installations are essential. If the construction material is installed improperly, homeowners are likely to begin troubles with moisture problem. The failure of surfaces built with the material may even be seen in newly constructed houses.

Although the architectural designs offered by the material are very desirable, it is very important that careful maintenance be observed to prevent problems of water intrusion and degradation of buildings. In order to protect your investment, it is essential that you inspect your property periodically in areas such as the sealant around doors, windows, and the penetrations to the stucco surfaces. The transitions areas between the bricks or stones and the materials need to be checked.

Invasive probe means you have to drill some holes or even cut out some pieces of the walls cladding system. With the details about the moisture content level in the substrate, it is possible for the technicians to understand better how to deal with the issue. After the visual inspection using non-destructive techniques, the technicians continue and apply other methods such as invasive probing.

The inspections are aimed at achieving the best results to help mitigate the problems in the walls. Non-destructive techniques may be used where visual and electronic scanning of surfaces is applied. Using an electronic subsurface scan meter, the surfaces or exteriors of buildings are inspected. This will help identify the physical damage and stains.

In this process, the doorframes and windows are checked. Investigation is done on exposed edges and surface sweeps to check for proper caulking and installation practices. With skilled and experienced stucco inspection Knoxville TN technicians, you can thoroughly investigate the conditions of your premises and get solutions to problems like water intrusion and defects like cracks or splits within the cladding system.

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