Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Consult Water Damage Restoration Breckenridge Contractors

By Marissa Velazquez

Handling issues of water damage may seem a simple task such as mopping and wet vacuuming. Unfortunately, these practises fail to consider the extent to which moisture may migrate through assemblies and structural cavities. Whenever there is a moisture problem within your home, you need the helping hand of a water damage restoration Breckenridge contractor to deal with the situation.

Whenever there is moisture, molds tend to grow fast, and within 48 hours, they start growing in your home. Water damage issues should be treated as emergencies and solutions sought as soon as possible. The more time you waste in correcting the problem, the more money you will spent in the long run. Contractors inspect your home and determine the extent of damage done to the premises.

Clearing and drying wet building materials helps prevent further damages including molds infestations. Molds grow fast under the right conditions and within a period of less than 48 hours, you may have them growing within your premises. To prevent the growth of molds, you have to act fast and dry your building. If the situation brought about by excess moisture in a home is not tackled immediately, it affects other things like insurance.

When calcium and magnesium deposits attach to walls of metal piping, they cause the pipes to narrow down leading to increased pressure. Such pressure causes pipe bursts, which may lead to high moisture levels. Pipe bursts may occur due to heavy equipments turning over the surfaces thus causing more moisture in premises. Moreover, moisture issues may arise due to flooding from heavy downpour.

Porous concretes allow moisture to infiltrate and enter the interiors of buildings. Homes which have loose soils within the backfill areas are likely to suffer from moisture problems. The loose soil retains moisture, which migrates through concretes walls and foundations, and enters the building. During the cleanup process, the moist area is first dried and cleaned to remove decaying debris.

If molds have already grown, the task is much more than expected. Removal of molds requires proper surface cleaning procedure to prevent dispersal of spores to other areas. Cross contamination may occur when removing the spores, which could lead to spread of the mold infestations to other locations. Molds cause damages such as decay of organic substances like wood, clothes, and wall painting.

Once the surfaces are dried, proper cleanup is done to remove any decayed matter and debris inside the building. The problem of moisture cannot be eliminated if the cause is not identified and resolved. Depending on the cause of moisture, the contractor will make repairs and renovate the areas. Plumbing fixtures like leaky pipes are known to cause moisture problems.

The damage caused by moisture problem may be too huge to bear, and it is better to solve the situation early in advance. Immediately you notice presence of signs of moisture, you should call a water damage restoration Breckenridge contractor to inspect your home. At times, the signs may not be visible and what you may experience is stuffiness and bad odor coming from the premises.

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