Saturday, January 11, 2014

Considerations For Gas Log Installation South Lake TX Residents Should Keep In Mind

By Marissa Velazquez

Although many different retail and online outlets sell propane and natural gas log sets, buyers need to keep safety in mind. With gas log installation South Lake TX residents can improve the value of their home. However, safety should be of utmost importance. Talk with an installer to ensure all concerns are met.

Units require a safety pilot. Such devices prevent the flow of gas to the system's main burner when the pilot is not burning. This protects occupants from the possibility of the buildup of gas which creates danger in several ways. If buying a cheaper unit at a home improvement store or online, be sure it includes this unit.

While a remote control is not necessary, many find it to be a nice option. It makes operating the fireplace easier. Many buyers will find the additional cost worth the convenience it brings.

Professionally installing the logs is very affordable for most homeowners and recommended unless the homeowner has both experience and appropriate tools to perform the service for themselves. Most local building code enforcement agencies require a certified installer or the homeowner pull the permit. Installers who ask the homeowner to pull the permit are generally not certified, and should be avoided.

Often the installation requires installing a new supply line. It should be pressure tested before attaching the unit to ensure the absence of leaks. If the line is already in place, it has already been tested and the set can be installed directly.

Gas appliances, including logs, should receive annual inspection and service. If the system is vented, this should also include an inspection of the chimney. Many service companies offer discounts on this service in the spring when business is slower. Annual service is very important for vent free units which must be operating correctly at all times since the exhaust does not vent to the outside.

Natural gas is often the most economical choice, if it is already installed in the home. However, when it is not available, LP gas is an option. With LP gas, the unit will require a minimum of a 100 pound tank, unless such gas is already supplied to the home. The new tank needs to be installed in an accessible area so the supply truck can fill it. Another option is to place it where it can be moved with a hand truck.

Buildings using gas burning units of any type should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors are not replacements for smoke detectors. Batteries for both type units should be changed regularly. Local building codes specify the location, type and number of CO detectors to be installed in the area.

With Gas Log Installation South Lake TX Residents provide the beauty of a fireplace in their home. The units are economical to operate and create less mess than burning real wood. While improving one's home value, they are a much less expensive option than installing a masonry fireplace. In homes with existing fireplaces, the units can provide a beautiful and economical operation.

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