Friday, January 10, 2014

Choosing The Best Rustic Hardwood Flooring Kentucky

By Marissa Velazquez

When it comes to the enhancements of surfaces in the modern home, wood is a popular solutions as it offers aesthetic value and long lasting features. With the installation of rustic hardwood flooring Kentucky properties can rest assured that homes will be enhanced and provided sophisticated styles. Natural appeal can be achieved with its unique earthy tones and attractive design elements.

Rustic wooden floors offer a natural appeal for the home and accentuates living rooms with its beautiful patterns and variety of shades. These surfaces are characterized by a worn and aged appearance available in dark woods and salmon colors that best complement bedrooms and traditional kitchens. With its earthy tones, the use of such flooring is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of a truly elegant setting.

The installation of wooden floors should not be exposed to areas where a large amount of moisture accumulates including outdoor spaces and bathrooms. The floor can be protected with the relevant coating, but should not be constantly exposed to water that can contribute to swollen planks and the possibility of mold growth. There are other types of materials available to prevent against the degradation of surfaces.

The installation of rustic woods often includes reclaimed material that is a greener solution for the home. It consists of a number of natural tones and grains that should be sealed with a modern coat that should not be exposed to large amounts of water on a regular basis. These types of installations will last for a significant period of time and is most suitable for the traditional or classic property.

It is a favorable choice for residential settings because it offers efficiency, ecology, and considered one of the best ways to enhance the mood and the style of the home. The planks are available in various sizes and tones able to fit into any space for both traditional and modern homes depending on the theme of choice. It also regulates temperature keeping the base warm in winter and cooler during the intense heat of the summer months.

The choice of solid woods serves as an ideal solution to enhance the space and proves best against spaces of high traffic. It is a reliable and durable alternative that will not degrade with regular use and the formation of scratches. It is not a cheap installation, but does provide great value for money and you will not have to replace the flooring in the future.

Scheduled maintenance and the application of the correct seals will ensure that such floors last for a period of 30 years. Regular sweeping or vacuuming can aid in eliminating the dirt and contaminants that may have formed on the surface in an efficient and safe manner. The home can be upgraded and improved with such installations for the long term.

When it comes to choosing rustic hardwood flooring Kentucky homeowners are advised to take the time to assess the features of quality installs. The particular surface offer warm, earthy tones and an elegance that simply cannot be found with other types of floor materials. Trim wood planks and beautiful finishes add style and value to any type of property.

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