Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Keep Your Children Secure While Browsing The Web

By Kent G Wermer

Seeing his 10-year-old chatting online with a stranger startled my brother. He was telling me this happened not too long ago. He has no idea how his son found the Internet site, but, he knows that kids nowadays are technologically inclined. Using the Internet and the computer is not big deal for them. It really is up to you parents and guardians to take concrete actions for keeping your kid safe online.

The good thing is, Nate had only started recently to browse the Internet site. I shudder at the idea of what might have occurred had his daddy not uncovered this. Immediately, I talked with a good friend who is into computers to ask for assistance.

Carla mentioned she had the same issue with keeping an eye on her youngsters's computer activities. She discovered the Intellispy computer tracking software application ultimately. This has since put her mind at ease. At this time, it is easy to track the things her children do in the computer and Internet.

If only for the feature that permits parents to stop Web sites not suitable for youngsters, Carla pointed out the program is worth it. With plenty of online predators, it has been necessary to take protective steps without curtailing your kids' computer use.

My brother definitely sat up the second he grasped the software takes snapshots in one-minute intervals of the screen so he could discover precisely which sites Nate has dropped by. There are 2 strategies to supervise the little ones' computer activities: screenshot logging and key logging.

Even more amazing is the ability to know everything that had been typed in, from email messages to instant messages, and particularly goings-on in social networking sites. It will put parents' mind at ease even if they can not be around to check computer use 24/7. In the event that someone closes up the computer program or shuts the computer down, its stealth feature will basically take control and restart the computer program.

I know you parents will more than cherish a reliable means of keeping your child safe online, just as my sibling does.

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