Friday, January 10, 2014

Important Steps When Doing Exterior Painting In Murrieta

By Marissa Velazquez

Both interior and exterior painting is a good way of home improvement. Paint applied on the exterior play a major role in protecting the building from wind, sun and rain. Besides that, this work of art improves the aesthetic value of the building. However, if exposed to various weather elements, old paint cracks and peels off not to mention the normal wear and tear due to age. If this happens, hiring an expert in exterior painting in Murrieta will help restore the aesthetic value of your property. Below are the steps to follow when dong this work art.

The first step is preparation of the surface. This is done by thoroughly cleaning the entire area to be worked on to remove dirt, old paint flakes, wasp nests, green algae and any other material that could affect the outcome of the job. A professional use pressure washes to clean the surface using water, bleach and a phosphate-free cleaner. During cleaning, he has to wear eye protection to prevent pieces of these unwanted materials from entering his eyes.

After satisfactory cleaning, the house is then left to dry before caulking is commenced. This process aims at preventing water seepage into the surface by sealing joints and other damaged surfaces on the outer side of the wall. This process has to be done with a lot of care as it is a determinant in the general outcome of the work. The professional has the appropriate tools and equipment to work on any of the various materials used to construct walls.

The next stage is painting. This starts with choosing the kind of paint to be used with regard to color. It is important to consult a professional to help in determining which color works best for that surface to serve the purpose of improving its look. It can be either one particular color or a combination to form a shade.

Temperature is a factor to consider when undertaking this work. Experts advice that the process should not be carried out in extremely hot, cold climate or in the presence of precipitation. The professionals are always aware of this rule and can never contravene it, but if you opt to take up the job on your own then the containers have the instructions. The work is normally done starting from the top to down this is to avoid dripping, a side to side motion should be adopted as it is fast.

Whether using a brush or a roller, a professional will ensure that the finish is quality. A rolling normally leaves some rough parts, so one should perform brushing after using the roller to ensure that the paint is spread smoothly. Spraying is also a good method of applying paint as it ensures an even distribution of the paint.

After the paint is completely dry, a weather protection coat is applied to enable the surface to cope with the extreme climatic changes. The market has a wide variety to choose from but the expert has to advice his client on the most appropriate considering the materials used.

To achieve a perfect finish, this process of exterior painting in Murrieta should be followed carefully step by step. It is also necessary to vet the person whom you are hiring for the job. He or she should have the right qualification, license and insurance coverage.

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