Saturday, January 4, 2014

Massachusetts Window Replacement Company Offers Tips For Saving Energy

By Hellen Moare

In winter, your energy bills can be high, especially in times of very cold weather. Also, air conditioning bills can be just as high in summer. Here are some helpful tips from your North Brookfield MA replacement windows company, to help you cut those energy costs.

Your wall thermostat may work fine but it could be costing you money. For instance, there is no need to have the house a comfortable temperature when everyone is gone all day long. Invest in a programmable thermostat and this can result in substantial savings, and it will not cost that much money.

Programming the new type thermostat is fairly easy as they come with simple instructions. They are not hard to install if you have some understanding of electricity. In cold weather, set the temp a little lower at night and raise it before time to get up. You also can have the house cooler or warmer while everyone is away during the day.

Let the sun help you heat your home in winter. Open drapes facing the sun (east side of the house) during the morning and close them in the evening. Open west facing drapes in the afternoon, and close them at sunset. This passive heat can add extra warmth and you may be able to set the temperature a little lower and still be comfortable.

In summer, refrain from using your clothes dryer or oven during the hottest part of the afternoon. Try to schedule baking or clothes drying during early morning or late at night. You will heat the house up less and this is easier on your air conditioning system and makes it more efficient.

A home window can lose a lot of heat, especially if it is old and inefficient. If you install energy efficient North Brookfield MA replacement windows, you will notice a big difference in your heating and cooling bills. Plus, you will have a more comfortable home interior in summer and winter.

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