Friday, January 10, 2014

Reasons Why Men Rely On A High Security Deadbolt

By Marissa Velazquez

Several women and men buy a high security deadbolt if they are interested in locking intruders from entering their home. This is, of course, just one of many ways in which you can protect your home and property. However over many years it has proven to be a useful element in an overall defensive plan for dwellings of all shapes and sizes. Even residences that are monitored with the help of external services benefit.

Never think that a single device of this nature will be enough to protect your business place or home. It cannot fill the role of all the other things that you must do to make it hard for thieves to enter your home. Having a variety of defenses in place helps you to keep secure under all circumstances. A qualified expert can offer advice in this area.

These locks are made to withstand various types of attempts to damage them. Always look for the best quality, since what you get, in many cases, does depend on what you pay for. While a basic unit will offer some measure of protection against ordinary thieves, others are built to withstand extreme attempts to destroy them.

A good high security deadbolt will contain a pick guard. This is an essential part of the design of a quality brand since it prevents thieves from picking the device. Never assume that all the locks you see have this in their design. There are many on the market and in homes that have no protection of this nature against experienced burglars.

Cheap, ordinary locks are really generic and some thieves just have master keys that they use to pull them. You do not want to be in that sort of situation. By choosing a top brand, you get the restrictions that go with them. You cannot rekey these without getting special authorization using a card which gives a qualified locksmith the go ahead.

The top brands often have warning labels that you can place on your door. These help to intimidate thieves as well. They know that if someone has taken the time to check out their options and choose an extremely safe device, then other systems are probably in place to prevent entry. Burglars know that this sort of situation is one that is best avoided.

Some units provide extra defense through a double cylinder. These cannot be simply opened or closed by hand from any side you choose. Instead, you must use a key to complete the process. This is true whether you are inside or outside. Normally, if just the thumb turn mechanism is on, a thief can open the door by breaking a window and pushing their hand inside.

There are many features that make these locks an important part of an overall plan to keep your family secure. A good high security deadbolt gives you the option of putting the double cylinder into play. This means that anyone who tried to open the door without a key would not be able to do so, whether they were inside or outside.

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