Thursday, January 16, 2014

Information On DIY Water Heater Repair Sacramento Service

By Amanda Bean

Water heaters are divided into two main groups: those that are gas fueled and electric operated ones. With proper maintenance, these appliances can last for long without needing any repair. However, due to wear and tear that any appliance at home undergoes, this equipment may get to a point where hiring a professional heater repair Sacramento technician is no longer an option. Every homeowner buys this equipment with hopes that it will last for long, and he can make this come true by learning how to troubleshoot some of the common problems experience with this equipment.

If your appliance is an electric type it is important first to understand the amount of power it uses can be fatal if not handled with care. So you should first turn off the power at the service panel before doing any work. A label can be placed on the services panel to alert family members that there is electric work in progress.

The most common problem you may experience with your appliance is lack of enough hot H2O. This can be caused by a thermostat which could have been set too low or one that has totally failed. It may be also due to the presence of sediments in the tank. To correct this fault, you should try readjusting the thermostat and if it does not work, do a replacement of the same. If it is sediments present in the tank, you should try draining the tank.

Sometimes there could be totally no hot water. The circuit breaker and fuse box is the first stop when handling this problem. Check if the high temperature limit switch may have tripped and if so reset it. Sometimes the heating element may have failed and you may be required to replace it for heating to occur.

Leakage and seepage is another very serious problem that characterizes many boilers. Leakages can occur due to poor plumbing or with the age of the system. The first step in solving this problem is identifying the leak. After finding the leak then you can use the right methods and supplies to seal it. Leaks on pipes are sealed differently depending on the material used to make them. If the leaks are extensive then replacement is preferable to repairing.

If your appliance is very noisy, it is an indication that scales has build up on the heating element. To fix this, remove the heating element and clean it. If the heating element is not in a good condition, then replace it.

If your heater is producing dirty H2O, all you need to do is to drain and flush the tank. This should be done on a regular basis for longevity and efficiency of your equipment. This is the best time to spot any leakage, especially at the drain valve. In case of any leakage at the drain valve, tighten or replace it.

Gas water heaters can have these problems though they also have additional issues like gas leakage. This can be detected by smelling gas odor. It is important to first close the gas-shutoff valve which is responsible for supplying water to the heater. Then you should immediately open windows and door to ventilate the room and then call the gas company at once. This kind of a problem should only be handled by professionals doing water heater repair Sacramento because it can be fatal if the cause of the leakage is not properly inspected and corrected.

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