Saturday, January 4, 2014

Almost A Dozen Motives To Obtain A Raised Backyard Garden Bed Kit

By Andy Vorenberg

Let us begin with how using a raised garden bed kit is worth the time and effort. Many love to spend time outside in the gardening, for other people it suggests hard work. A garden can be such a bountiful pleasure of colors and shapes and sizes that although you may aren't keen on all aspects of growing plants, you are always drawn to growing your very own plants.

Obviously I like spending as much time as is practical in my garden, or else I wouldn't be moved to prepare this. I have to acknowledge that I never expend enough time planting flowers, however I actually love to look at a flower garden flowering. A Few Things I genuinely like is raising my very own veges, they taste great when plucked fresh from your personal home garden.

Considering that we all reading this article will undoubtedly be located in totally different regions throughout the world, I can't offer specific advice about planting particular varieties of veggies in this article. But I should tell you that I manage to grow the majority of the vegetables my family eats in my home garden. But for a true gardener no garden is ever big enough as you are always finding new vegetables to grow.

Why do you even need raised beds in the first place? We could just plant our vegetables where we have some flat area on our property. But once you try raised beds, you'll get so many vegetables that you won't go back.

I know the title of this article mentions "10 reasons" to use a raised garden bed kit, but in all honesty there are only two reasons:

1. You get more and healthier crops with raised beds.

2. Buying a kit saves you a lot of work

There are also plenty or other reasons why people like to use raised beds.

1.Because vegetables grown in raised gardens are typically grown closer together than they are in conventional gardens, the growth of weeds is drastically reduced.

2.Raised gardens are generally densely populated, which means the soil is not exposed to as much direct sunlight, which in turn means less watering is required.

3.You can grow for longer through the year as the plants last longer without competition from weeds and more moisture in the soil.

4.There is better aeration and drainage in the soil because you are not walking over the garden as you work on it.

5.Raised beds give you more crops.

6.Raised beds can be built at a height to suit anyone, allowing older and those with less mobility to enjoy gardening.

7.Because it's a kit you don't have to renovate your backyard, simply assemble and get growing.

8.Many of the readymade raised garden bed kits are designed in such a way so that additional kits can be purchased and added on as and when necessary.

9.A readymade kit is ideal for beginners or those who only have a limited amount of time to spare.

10.Many readymade kits are built to last, which means that they can be reused several times before a replacement is necessary.

11.A readymade raised garden bed kit simply makes life a whole lot easier.

But if you want to grow only a handful of plants then it's probably better for you to grow in pots rather than a raised bed. But if you want to grow more and for longer then get a raised bed.

If you lack experience then start with growing some vegetables that are known to be easier to grow. You don't need to start off with strange and flash vegetables, they will demand too much of you in the beginning. Within a short time you can be growing plenty of fresh vegetables.

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