Saturday, January 4, 2014

Helpful HVAC Maintenance Tips Offered By Stuart FL Air Conditioning & Heating Service

By Tyrone Sojka

When your house is too warm in the summertime or too cool during the winter, you can contact your Stuart air conditioning & heating service for help. Yet, if you would like to avoid some of these HVAC problems, there are few easy things you may do. Here are useful tips from your HVAC professionals to help make life easier.

Sometimes the most effective maintenance is the simplest. Maintaining efficiency can be as easy as changing air filters each and every month. A dirty air filter can drastically reduce the efficiency of a heating or cooling system, because the air cannot properly flow. To keep from forgetting this simple task, leave yourself an email reminder or make a note on your calendar.

If your outdoor condenser coils are dirty, your HVAC unit cannot properly function. Keep these coils clean in summer and if you have a heat pump, they must be cleaned in winter also. It only takes a garden hose and a few minutes time.

Make sure and only use soft tools whenever you clean AC coils. Most coils are made out of aluminum and are soft. If you are not careful you could smash or damage these coils. This can decrease the units cooling efficiency and cost you more money each month.

There are many kinds of small creatures in Florida and sometimes frogs or lizards may get inside of your outdoor fan unit. If they stay in there you could be dealing with some nasty odors in your unit. When this happens, turn the breaker off to the AC unit before placing anything inside, and then remove the carcass.

Your HVAC system will run better and more efficiently if it is properly maintained. Contact your Stuart air conditioning & heating service about routine cleaning and inspections. These services are not expensive and can save you a great deal of money and headaches.

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