Saturday, January 11, 2014

Types Of Pumping Units And Their Features

By Marissa Velazquez

Due to the fact that petroleum is highly viscous and it moves slowly, a pump is required to bring it to the surface. Pumping units are therefore used to provide access to the well, bring up the oil in a supported way until the well is dry and does not provide any more oil. The many manufacturers of this equipment offer a wide range of designs and styles for people to select the model that suits their needs. The various types are as mentioned below.

The first one is Ampscot type. These devices have been active in oilfields for more than 20 years. This type is known for its reliability, durability and extended service life. The systems are gaining popularity all over the world due to their mechanical efficiency, low operation cost and high resale value. So even after using this unit for long you still can sell it at good price.

These particular products are available in a range of sizes. The manufactures have continued to improve the specifications of the amspcot pumps to enhance their performance. This is intended to ensure that they keep abreast with the technological changes and to enhance suitability. The mechanism is aimed at meeting the specified quality assurance to meet the expectation of the customer.

The maximizer type holds a record of been the best in quality and versatility. This has made it the number one choice of many clients. Its design enables it to provide high performance which means that it is also very dependable. This pump works effectively even when the oil level drops or if it is moved to a different site.

The good thing with maximize type is the unit can in both directions, with fiberglass or steel rods. It has a unique design, which plays a major role in energy-efficiency thus reducing the cost of operation. It is easy to use, as it does not require installation all you need to do is to mount its two-point ground. This helps in saving on concrete cost and time that would otherwise be used to install it.

The reliability of beam units with regard to their performance should never be under estimated. They offer relatively easy time to operate and require minimal maintenance. It is for this reasons that the pump is commonly referred to as workhouse of the oil patch in the globe. The market offers a variety of sizes to choose from and installation of this pump is easy and takes a short time.

Hydraulic unit uses a rod string in its operation. It is a very easy unit to install due to the fact that its moveable parts are very few. This type is cost effective and flexible to be able to meet every need. The power type of this unit is used in places where noise and security is a big concern.

The other type of pumping units is called VSH2. It is very flexible and very versatile in its use. It is commonly used in heavy crude oil fields and wells, especially those that have problem of rod fall. However, it can be used is dewatering gas wells and in testing oil wells. Since this unit uses nitrogen-over-hydraulic technology, it is able to lift huge load at once. It is easy to install, maintain and is very reliable.

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