Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Different Types Of Residential Elevators Louisiana Has To Offer

By Marissa Velazquez

If you are currently considering installing one, the first thing you should look for is whether you have space within your home where an elevator can fit. Trained residential elevators Louisiana contractors can help you considering the number of floors you might require access to and the rooms above and under each other. Should you feel that you or a family member might use a wheelchair soon, it is crucial to look for that elevator that will fit two (one on the wheelchair) people comfortably.

Out in the market, there are various types available and one way to distinguish them is by the drive system they use. The most common types available are the gearless, pneumatic vacuum, counter-weight, the winding drum and roped hydraulic systems. Each of these systems will affect your budget in different ways and each has its own merits as discussed below.

The gearless drive system elevator is the closest one to been green as it uses the least amount of energy for operation. The system is made of a motor without a gearing process along with counter weights that weigh 40% more than the car and allow the cab to rise and lower in an effortless manner. Some features of this system include energy efficiency, low maintenance since no hydraulic fluid is used and quiet operation due to the absence of gears.

The latest elevator technology is found in the PVE (Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator) which does not used cables, pistons, counterweights or chains. In their place, the system has a hoist apparatus that contains parts fitting perfectly into each other but requires regular maintenance to ensure precise atmospheric pressures are maintained. Advantages of using this system are low maintenance schedule it is energy efficient and has low footprint on the environment.

The counter-weight chain drive system makes use of a series of weights that offset the need for powerful motors in order to lift the cab up. This system implements a chain drive for lifting the cab and weights are lowered in order to create an offset. It does not require the use of a machine room therefore living space is not sacrificed.

The winding drum system elevator implements an aircraft cable that is attached to the motor and mounted either at the top or behind a rail system, which depends on the maximum height of shaft. The winding drum uses a variable speed motor for winding the cable to the drum and descent is made possible by the car's own weight. If installation is done properly, you are not likely to notice any noise coming from your motor.

The roped hydraulic or hydraulic system implements a hydraulic piston found on commercial units with an aircraft cable for lifting. Features of this system include a six to eight inch pit that is required for optimal performance, maximal travel speed is about forty feet per minute and capable of lifting up to a thousand pounds. The submerged pump uses hydraulic fluid.

For the home elevator to operate at peak efficiency it is crucial that you hire the services of a professional residential elevators Louisiana firm. This ensures that it is operating within the legally set safety regulations. Regularly have a licensed, certified and independent inspector inspect your unit for any faults or required services.

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