Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Importance Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

By Suzanne Herrman

If you have carpeting in one or more rooms of your home, it is important to have this flooring routinely cleaned. While you can do this yourself, a professional cleaning service typically does a more thorough job, ensuring that all the dirt, dust and allergens are removed from the carpet. Here are just a few reasons why carpet cleaning is important.

While you might be the type of person who vacuums very regularly, to keep your carpets truly clean, professional cleaning is essential. Carpets that are regularly cleaned are actually much easier to maintain than a carpet that is simply vacuumed but never deep cleaned. Professional cleanings reduce the wear and tear on your carpet and can extend the life of the carpeting by several years. For rooms with moderate to high traffic, cleaning should be scheduled about twice per year.

If you have children or pets or perhaps both, your carpet has a lot of foot traffic. Animals and children track in quite a bit of debris, and simply vacuuming is not enough to remove all of the dirt and germs they track into the house. Even a carpet that looks clean actually can contain thousands of dust mites per square inch as well as plenty of germs.

For those who have allergies or are prone to illness, regular carpet cleaning is essential. Carpet will trap dust, pollen, bacteria and other toxins up to a point, but eventually, these items will rest on the surface and circulate throughout the air in your home. So if you find that your allergies are worse than usual, dirty carpet might be the culprit. Cleaning will remove dust, fungi and other allergens, which can help your whole family stay healthier, especially any family members with severe allergies or asthma.

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons why you would call a Prairieville carpet cleaner, a Denham Springs carpet cleaner or a Baton Rouge carpet cleaner, is because a good cleaning makes your carpet look fantastic and this improves the look of your home in general. It is also wise to call a professional in whenever you have one or more truly difficult stains, such as red wine or another substance that might be tricky to remove.

In addition to hiring a Prairieville carpet cleaner or Baton Rouge carpet cleaner to make your carpeting fresh, many cleaners offer other types of cleaning services, such as tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, professional rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. All of these services provide an easy way for you to quickly have your house clean and sparkling. Many companies offer a discount if you clean the carpets in several rooms as opposed to just one room or a discount for using several different services as once, so be sure to ask about special deals.

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