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KHI Quarterly V4 Q4 - Fall 2013

Getting Your Home Ready For the Winter: An Interview with Kruse Home Improvement, LLC
by Kristen Bosse of Connecticut Homes

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.
We offer design build services that encompass kitchen, bathroom, basement, additions, and decks as well as install doors, windows, interior and exterior trim and siding. We coordinate and manage and physically work on all remodeling projects ourselves.
What is your position at Kruse Home Improvement?
I am the founder and sole owner at KHI, I started out as the only person in the field and over the years we have grown into what we are today having several different people assisting with different aspects of each job and the day to day operations.
How should I be getting my home ready for the winter season?
We actually post interesting information on our Blog about topics such as this. Much of it is simply common sense and pretty easy to take care of, below are some things to start with.
1. Be sure that all doors and windows seal properly and if not caulk or replace the weather stripping as needed.
2. Replace any single pane windows or uninsulated doors if your situation allows for it.
3. Be sure that your furnace or burner is maintained properly and functioning at its highest efficiency.
4. Seal any gaps or joints in your basement with caulking or expanding foam.
5. Be sure that your attic has adequate insulation and if not add to it.
During the winter season, are there any home remodeling projects I can do easily?
We don't stop or even slow down in the winter. It makes sense to stay away from any major exterior renovations as the winter weather and the cold can definitely slow things down and make life much less comfortable than in the summer but we still do kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc., really anything that doesn't involve us opening up the house to the elements.
I don't really have enough money to remodel my entire kitchen. What are some small things I can do to make it seem bigger or nicer?
We get this question a lot; it all depends on what the customer is looking to get out of the finished space. It’s possible to save the existing cabinet boxes if they are in good shape and either install new hardware, doors and drawer fronts as well as paint or stain them, this can drastically change the look and feel of the kitchen and even increase the functionality by installing different hardware options. From there a new countertop, backsplash, lighting and plumbing fixtures, can go in. By keeping the original cabinets this can in some cases save up to 30% off the total job. Flooring can also be changed without interfering much at all with the original cabinetry or trim around the room. The bottom line is that there are many options and degrees to which you can renovate a kitchen but it's all very specific to the needs of the individual homeowner. We like to think that we are experts in pinpointing that spot for our customers.
What are some of the most popular trends currently in the home remodeling market?
Well, we are seeing a lot of quartz countertops these days; it is taking over some of the market share that granite would have held. When it comes to cabinetry styles, we are installing many cabinets with flat panel doors in either a shaker or mission style full overlay door, these are very popular. Certain things never really go out such as hardwood flooring and natural stone tile. Glass tile seems to be pretty popular at the moment as well in both kitchens and bathrooms.
Potentially how much can your various home improvement services increase the value of a home?
That's a very tough question for me to answer; it really comes down to what the current market is doing and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Anyone that tells you they know how much of a return that you can get out of taking on one particular kind of remodeling project or another is not telling you the truth. From my experience kitchens and bathrooms tend to net a return between 70-85% of the original cost. Basements would probably be dollar for dollar one of the best places to put your money, as you are actually increasing the square footage and living space of the home. A typical return would be between 70-80% on the completion of a finished basement.
What are your favorite projects to work on?
My favorite projects to do would be any project where the homeowner is looking for a finished product that is a little different, a job where I have the liberty to get creative with the design and finishes. Anything that we have to put a lot of detail into. It's always nice to stand back and look at what you have created.
What are some of the most difficult services you provide?
Hmm I don't know, many things can get difficult real fast to be honest with you. Anytime you encounter something unexpected the job gets more difficult. Overall I would say that tracking down roofing leaks when you don't know where they are originating from can be pretty tough, but water leaks in general. Water does some whacky things and when you cannot see what's going on behind the walls it can be hard to find the source.
What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?
Phone: 860-877-0775

What is Houzz? is a website which allows you to search photos online to get ideas and inspiration for your new home or    remodeling project. Through you can gather photos and email an ideabook to Kruse Home Improvement with notes explaining the particular details or style feature that you like. For KHI, it is a new and powerful venue to   showcase our work!

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