Thursday, November 7, 2013


are you done dealing with germy food bag clips? feel frustrated when your chips, cereal or crackers go stale? tired of freezer-burned veggies or wilted salad? bummed about wasting money by throwing away food?

well, guess what - my lady pals over at FreshTape have an awesome new product (and giveaway!) that's going to solve your problem!

FreshTape is a time-saving, food-saving product to help you stay organized in your kitchen and pantry! it's a special tape that will keep your food fresher longer…right in the bag!...

FreshTape is reusable, resealable tape that you can use to seal up food bags instead of grubby (and germs) bag clips. it clears clutter and keeps food fresh to the bottom of the bag. best of all? each tape is 100% made in the USA, FDA-compliant (safe for your family), BPA and phthalate-free!

not only will it keep your food fresher longer, FreshTape comes in a variety of adorable styles and patterns!…

cute, right? and so smart! this is one of those products that makes you say "why didn't i think of that!?".

Liz and Laura sent me a selection of FreshTape to sample myself and i couldn't wait to put it to use in my pantry….

we are a chip-loving household. especially during football season. i love how great this product works for keeping our chips sealed up tight….

the chips are fresh each time i open the bag and i can re-seal the bag again until next time. love this organized chip cabinet!…

i'm keeping my stash of FreshTape in my utensil drawer…

still unsure how FreshTape works? see it in action here…

are you sold now??

if you'd like to try FreshTape yourself, you can find their adorable selection of styles and patterns by ordering here on their website. or you can enter this easy giveaway for chance to win a sample set of your own!…

as always, the giveaway entry is super easy - no jumping through hoops to enter. just follow the guidelines in the rafflecopter gadget below.

good luck!

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