Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Radiant Floor Heating

As the cooler fall and winter seasons approach, our floors can suddenly seem uncomfortably cold.  It is the time of year you think about putting socks or slippers on before stepping into the kitchen for breakfast. If you or your family can't play or walk on certain floors because it feels too cold, there is an easy way to heat up those cold tiles, stone, or wood surfaces. Installing a Radiant Electric Floor Heating System will make the floors warm and comfortable. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels and how comfortable your room will become.
Kruse Home Improvement has installed Nuheat Floor Heating Systems for some of our customers. Nuheat provides soothing warmth to various types of flooring surfaces including tile, stone, granite, laminate and engineered wood.  It is a clean, soundless system that brings warmth to any space by providing radiant zone heating which is very energy efficient. Traditionally, electric baseboard heaters are installed according to the rule of thumb that each room should be heated by 34 BTU (British Thermal Units) per square foot (given average insulation). Nuheat produces over 41 BTU per square foot.  Zone heating using a programmable thermostat, means heating room by room, use by use - heat only where you want, when you want it.


Electric radiant heat allows homeowners to lower their central heating system while still being comfortable. It offers an energy saving alternative to keeping the forced air heating system running throughout the entire house and can help reduce a home's overall energy consumption. Nuheat has no moving parts so it is installed in thinset/mortar. It is 100% maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your floors.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Nuheat Floor Heating Systems:
Can I use Nuheat to replace my electric baseboard heaters?
Yes, Nuheat produces 12 watts per square foot (41BTUs per square foot) and can easily heat most rooms.

Does Nuheat use more electricity than electric baseboard heaters?
No, any properly sized electric heating device will require the same amount of electricity to maintain or change a room’s temperature.

Can I use Nuheat to replace my water radiator?
Yes, Nuheat is a viable alternative to water radiators. Invisible and maintenance-free, Nuheat is an easy heating replacement during renovations.
Will Nuheat heat the whole room or just the floor?
The whole room. Nuheat transforms the entire floor area into the room’s heat source - guaranteeing even, consistent heat.

All Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are covered by a 25-year warranty, are energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.

If you’re interested in installing radiant electric floor heating in your home, call Kruse Home Improvement at 860.877.0775.


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