Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

A small kitchen space can create many challenges, but there are ways to make your kitchen appear larger. To get the most from your kitchen space, you’ll need to maximize your storage options, and learn the best kitchen decorating tips for small spaces. You may be surprised at how simple it is to make your kitchen look bigger. Follow these tips and a small, cramped kitchen will take on new life and become an inviting room in your home.

1.       Let in light
Letting in light will not only brighten your room, it will give the appearance of opening up a small kitchen. Don't cover your kitchen window with heavy curtains or window treatments. Instead, install a light colored shade that will ensure privacy without darkening the room.

2.       Choose the right flooring
A light colored floor will help open up your small kitchen, even if it's a light wood tone. If you are using ceramic tile in your kitchen, be sure to match the grout with the tiles. This will eliminate the lines created by contrasting grout color and appear to enlarge the space.

3.       Choose proper cabinet color
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Dark cabinets give a smaller feel than light colored cabinets. Keep it light and you'll notice a considerable difference in the way your kitchen looks. By installing a few glass doors on your cabinets, you can open up the room even more.
 4.       Don’t use patterns
One of the easiest kitchen decorating tips you can get is to not overwhelm the room with pattern. Small rooms don't respond well to big, bold patterns. Wallpaper is not usually recommended for a small kitchen, but if you will be using it, go with a small subtle print. In addition, keep bold prints off of kitchen towels, rugs, and accessories, as it will and make the room appear crowded and small.

5.       Use reflective appliances
Reflective appliances, such as stainless steel, will really help to open up a small kitchen. Acting as mirrors, reflective appliances give the illusion of a larger space.

 6.       Avoid clutter
Clutter can make even the largest room appear small and cramped. Get rid of clutter to get the most from your kitchen space. Remove sugar and flour containers from countertops, place spices in cabinets and keep cooking and serving utensils out of sight. Open up the space on your countertops and you'll notice that the whole room will look larger.

Photo taken from KHI gallery

7.       Choose light color walls
To help open up your small kitchen, choose light colors on the walls. Light does not necessarily mean white. Cool colors such as light blue, pale green and lavender work especially well in small rooms, as they give the impression that they are receding into the walls.

8.       Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to decorating in small spaces. Think sleek lines, simple d├ęcor, and light even tones. If you don't need it or use it infrequently, keep it out of the kitchen.

9.       Choose the right backsplash
All kitchens should have a backsplash behind the cooking space, as it offers an easy way to clean up grease and food splatter. In a small kitchen, consider using a stainless steel backsplash. Again, the benefit of using stainless steel is that it acts as a mirror and gives the illusion of a larger room. Light colored ceramic tile is also a good idea for a small kitchen, but remember to keep the grout color the same as the tile.

10.       Use space saving accessories
Get the most from your kitchen space by using cabinet accessories such as a Lazy Susan, built-in spice rack, or roll out trays. You can double the amount of storage space you currently have, and it will free up much needed counter space.





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