Monday, March 18, 2013

Tips to Making a Small Bathroom Look Big and Beautiful

A small bathroom can be a challenge when it comes to bathroom remodeling.  After all, you have all the same needs a larger bathroom has but with less space available to meet these needs. The good news is that there are some ways to make the most of a smaller bathroom. Below are some great tips to making a small bathroom look big and beautiful.

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Make Use of Corners
Making use of bathroom corners is a great way to make the room look more spacious. Use corner or standalone sinks or even medicine cabinets that will fit in a corner. A quandrant shower that has a curved door is a great way to gain more space for other things.

Add Fixtures that are Smaller

Another great tip that can help you make your small bathroom look big and beautiful is going with fixtures that are smaller. You can find smaller toilets, vanities, tubs, and even small sinks. They take up a lot less space in the bathroom, which makes the bathroom look less crowded.

Use Mirrors and Glass

Making use of mirrors and glass can really open up a small room and make it look a lot bigger. Try this tip: use two mirrors and have them face one another. It will make the room appear larger because of the reflection and the way the light bounces off the mirrors. Another great way to make the room appear more spacious is adding a glass shower door.

Choose Proper Lighting

Photo taken from KHI's gallery
Choosing the appropriate lighting can make a big difference in a small bathroom. You want to use decorative lighting to brighten any corners and in areas where you will be doing some grooming. Letting in natural light can make the bathroom look bigger too, which is why a skylight is a great idea.
Draw the Eye Up

Another great tip to keep in mind, if you want to make the bathroom look larger when remodeling, is to draw the eye up. When you do this, the room will look taller than it really is. You can do this by adding a border at the ceiling. Another way to accomplish this is to use vertical strips in the bathroom as well, making it seem taller than it is.
As you see, small bathrooms can have a lot of potential. There are definitely bathroom remodeling tips that can make your bathroom look incredible. For more tips or to discuss a bathroom remodel contact Kruse Home Improvement at 860-877-0775.



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