Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Know When it's Time to Remodel a Bathroom

According to eHow.com's Home section, whether it’s structural or just cosmetic, some things in your bathroom will need upgrades every three to five years. Flooring or fixtures can begin to look dated or even worse; you may have water leaks and weak spots if the bath has not had attention for many years. Below are some reasons to consider updating your bathroom sooner than later.
You need to add light/fresh color or reduce mold growth
Your bathroom's makeover should correct darkness. Mold is a known health hazard that can grow on dark blue tile or dark green painted walls. Lighter colors and a skylight can help. You may want to add more light by installing a large window, hanging up lighter curtains or switch to a brighter light fixture. Light neutral walls in white or beige make the room look more spacious and allow you to add bold accent colors of your choice to make an exciting makeover that you will love.

Work done by Kruse Home Improvement

You need to fix broken fixtures or poor plumbing. 
Making crucial repairs to broken fixtures or poor plumbing can avoid water damage. Be sure to look under the sink cabinet and around the bathtub looking for drips, stains or leaks. If water damage is present, you may need to remove the old subflooring and moisture-laden wall framing. It may also be necessary to upgrade the water lines, drain lines and support material before installing a new sink cabinet or bathtub. Use the opportunity to improve fixtures while you're upgrading the bath's infrastructure.
You need to add squarefootage
Updating may allow you to increase bathroom floor space. If you redo a nearby bedroom or create a master bedroom, you will want the bath to fit the new makeover; a tiny bathroom with a large bedroom will detract from the value of the house. If possible, enlarge a cramped bathroom by borrowing space from a nearby closet or hallway.
To Upgrade
Maintaining contemporary fixtures will support the market value of your house. Over time, an old sink vanity or old shower can look greatly out of date, giving the impression that the room has been neglected. This can lead potential buyers to wonder what else has been neglected. Simple things like fresh paint, new flooring, and a couple of new fixtures can make a bathroom look totally made over.
Bathroom Renovation done by Kruse Home Improvement
To Correct a Poor Layout
At times, a bathroom's design doesn't work well.  A poor layout can cause a door to open against a vanity cabinet. By moving either the main bathroom door or the vanity cabinet, you can create a better balanced floor plan. Sketch your bathroom's design onto graph paper to determine the layout that will work best, or work with a remodeling or design professional to help out.


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