Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets? If so, below are some exciting things to consider as you plan your new look.

When planning your new cabinets, consider changing the layout of your kitchen. Moving appliances to new locations can improve the look and flow of your kitchen. If your kitchen is more than 20 years old, most likely relocating the appliances would make your kitchen more functional. If you’ve been lacking storage space, changing the layout is an opportunity to add more cabinets and have the storage you need.  In addition, new cabinets will allow you to add features such as pull out shelves to help reach the back of the cabinet and lessen unused space.

Mechanical system updates such as additional lighting and plugs or a range hood that exhausts outside may require a full scale renovation. It is always a good idea to ask about these options as mechanical items are easier to add when cabinets are removed and may save the need for a full scale kitchen renovation down the road.

When your old cabinets are removed, it is also the perfect time to change your flooring. Keep in mind that if you’re adding ceramic tile on a vinyl floor, the additional height may create an issue when installing new appliances so the time to add tile is when the cabinets and appliances are out.

If you plan on living in your home for many more years and you dislike the appearance of your kitchen, changing the cabinets will allow you to make upgrades at a very reasonable price. Kruse Home Improvement specializes in kitchen renovations and cabinet installations. Call us today to discuss your options.
Cabinets installed by Kruse Home Improvement

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