Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top Winter Home Remodeling Projects

If you own a home, you know it seems like the maintenance never stops, the improvement never ends and the dream projects never go away. Home improvement remodeling isn’t just for the spring and summer. There are a number of home improvement remodeling projects you can focus on during the cold winter months. Below are the top five home remodeling projects you can do in the winter to improve your home.
Remodeling the bathroom.
Bathroom remodel done by KHI
One of the best reasons to remodel your bathroom is because you aren’t happy with its current look however, if your bathroom has seen better days, a bath remodel is in order. Trying to maintain a bathroom with a leaky toilet or sink not only wastes gallons of water every day, but also results in higher utility bills. Installing new bathroom fixtures can both brighten up an otherwise bleak space and offer you considerable savings on your water bill. Another advantage of a bathroom remodel is adding more cabinets and/or space.

Painting the interior of the house.
Since you spend the warmer winter months sprucing up the outside of your home, winter is the time to focus on the inside of the house. Painting is a quick and easy way to refresh or update your home. If you've got a dull or dreary room, try a bolder color for a change of pace. Color can completely change the look of a room. 
Interior work done by KHI
Changing your carpets.
We tend to spend so much more time inside the house in the colder months. If your carpet needs refreshing, now is a good time to replace it as well as any worn down carpet padding. Replacing the carpet and padding as a winter home improvement project will increase the comfort in your home tremendously.

Adding Insulation.
Adding insulation in your attic can save you a lot on your home heating bills. Also check around your home's windows for any heating that could be escaping as well as cold air that could be coming into the house. Stop these heat leaks by caulking windows and door frames.
Replacing the kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen cabinets installed by KHI
The kitchen is the heart of the home. Updating
a kitchen with the latest cabinetry, countertop, fixtures and appliances can increase a home’s value. In a kitchen renovation, replacing the kitchen cabinets and countertops are the most common updates that homeowners tackle and it is best to do them at the same time.
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