Monday, May 21, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing Your Door Style

If you’re considering new kitchen cabinets, it can helpful to learn some of the terms you’ll see when reading about cabinet options. Kitchen cabinet doors can be mounted in different ways which is what creates the distinct look of certain cabinet collections. The face frame is the cabinet foundation. Overlay describes how much of the face frame is visible, while the covered portion is referred to as the reveal.

Full overlay raised panel
  • Partial overlay is the most common door style option. This is where the doors are mounted on the face frame, leaving one inch of reveal.
  • A full overlay is designed to have the doors almost entirely cover the reveal. This is more common in frame- less or “European” kitchen cabinets but it can also be seen in framed cabinet units. With a full overlay, hinges are concealed and less than an eighth of an inch is left between doors.
  • Another option for your cabinets is the flush inset. This is where the doors are attached within the rails and stiles, and lie even with the front portion of the cabinet box. If you choose this option you should be aware that a common problem with a flush inset this is that humidity and changes in temperature can cause rubbing between the stiles and the door.
Full overlay slab door/drawers
Choosing your new cabinet doors can be a   challenge. There are many styles and of panels and finishes you can choose. The following list will help you select your door style:

  • Slab displays clean lines and simplicity.
  • A recessed panel door has a picture-         frame look with a flat panel fixed within           a mounting constructed with mortise and tenon joints.
  • The raised panel door has panels that measure between ½ and ¾ inch in height, which creates a bulging quality to the doors. This is then made more dramatic by a routed edge profile that gives the door a distinct elegance.
  • Curved panel doors have decorative raised panels that loop upward in gentle arches.
  • The cathedral panel can either be raised or recessed, with a cathedral-type arch crowning the door.
  • A bead board panel is typically found in recessed panels and makes use of routed beaded details which gives a casual country look.
Flush inset flat recessed panelshaker panel
Your kitchen design and décor should be chosen to compli- ment the architectural style of your home. There are contemporary cabinets for the more modern  house as well as designs that can be used for a variety of architectures from traditional, cottage, transitional or modern kitchens like Shakerand Missiondoor styles.                                 
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