Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Selecting the Right Faucet for your Kitchen

It wasn’t that long ago homeowners only had a couple of options in selecting a kitchen sink faucet, but today there is a wide variety of different faucet types in various styles and finishes. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, selecting a kitchen sink faucet is one of the many decisions to make.

The most traditional kind of kitchen faucet is the single handle faucet. A single lever allows you to control water temperature and capacity with one gesture. This is great because it doesn’t clutter up the top of the sink. However, many homeowners find it hard to control water temperature with this type of faucet.

If you’re looking for a more traditional sink (i.e. bathroom sink), go with the double handle faucets. You will get better water temperature control but it can make the area to look more cluttered and harder to clean.

Pull-Out Spray Faucet
installed by Kruse Home Improvement
Many traditional sinks offer a separate spray head that allows you to direct water where you want, making it handy when washing dishes or cleaning out the sink. Nowadays you can get a faucet which can pull out into a sprayer when needed. These pull-out spray faucets have much better water pressure than the side-mounted sprayers and eliminate the look of clutter.

Although most faucets are attached to the sink, faucets coming right out the wall are becoming very popular. If you’re looking for a professional kitchen look to complement your professional-grade appliances, wall-mounted faucets are for you. One of the benefits of this type of faucet is the way it clears up space around your sink and countertop thus making no clutter. This also makes it easier to clean the surrounding area.

Faucets are usually made from brass, nickel, stainless steel, pewter or ceramic and are finished in a variety of ways including chrome, matte, colored, nickel or polished brass. Some are even gold plated. Whether you choose a traditional, modern, contemporary or Victorian style kitchen, there is a large variety of faucets to choose from. Just remember that a kitchen sink will be used numerous times a day so be sure to choose something durable.

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