Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitchen Remodeling Hints

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are things you can do in advance to prepare yourself for the wonderful transformation.

1.) Plan, and discuss with your contractor, the location of your temporary kitchen. The kitchen is the "heart" of the home, so to speak, and finding a temporary location is very important to ensure your comfort during your remodeling.

2.) Pack up your kitchen items a few weeks before the project begins. Pack up items that you will not be using in your temporary kitchen and keep aside the items you know you will use. Box and label your items so you can move it back it to your new kitchen when renovations are complete! It will save time and allow you to start using your new kitchen right away.

3.) Decide on a place for the delivery of the materials and appliances. Garages are usually a #1 choice because they are secure and spacious. If this is your choice, be sure to prepare and make space in your garage.

4.) If you have pets, and are afraid they will get in the way, plan where you want your pets to spend thier days. Perhaps you will have to keep the cats in the bedroom and the dog in a crate. You want to be sure that they are safe at all times and not in the way of the installers.

5.) Choose a location for the installers to store their tools.

6.) Make a list of your favorite restaurants and take-out places! You can take this time to explore new places!

7.) Ask questions along the way! This is a time where you can feel anxious for your new renovation, so be sure to communicate any questions you may have as things come up!

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